Chapter 1483: Swaggering And Bravado

The Order’s army finally tore away the clothes they’d hiding in, baring their fangs and unleashing their lofty aura. The frightening momentum dimmed the celestial bodies and eclipsed the land, aweing Veluriyam into shock and trepidation. 

The Order had launched its attack! 

The dreadful news spread like wildfire throughout the city.

Perhaps this force’s numbers didn’t rival the former northern alliance, but the quality was far and beyond. Each soldier was an elite with absolute strength. Peak great emperors like Pillzenith had been the highest level in the northern alliance, but the empyrean rank supreme lord was personally leading the charge this time!

A genuine empyrean master had finally arrived. The dawn of a new era had arrived! After ten thousand years, great emperors no longer reigned supreme in the human domain! 

With his cultivation, the supreme lord rivaled the entire...

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