Chapter 1482: Encirclement to Attack Reinforcements

Protector King Devourcloud was quite the snitch. He quickly reported that Scourcloud had obtained a spirit beast, despite how trivial it was.

Unhappiness clouded the supreme lord’s paranoid mind at the news. He soon visited their area and found Peerless.

“Lord Scourcloud, I hear you’ve obtained a spirit creature?” Despite his calm tone, his manners radiated superiority.

Peerless had anticipated everything and instantly feigned astonishment.

“That’s true, my lord. It’s merely an impudent, common beast. I’ve already fused it with my consciousness and made it my contracted beast.” He brought forth the Goldbiter Rat.

The supreme lord took a glance. “You shouldn’t fool around with a creature of unknown origin. Be more careful next time.”

“I will,” Peerless replied with a bow.

“Then we’re done here. Since you’ve already tamed it, keep a close eye on it. Don’t let it run around and expose our...

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