Chapter 1480: Utmost Urgency

Currently, Jiang Chen was indeed on his way to the Ninesuns Sky Sect. The information he’d been given was nebulous as to the Order of Wind and Cloud’s intentions, but he still had to try to counteract them as best he could.

According to his analysis, there was clearly a bigger force over at Ninesuns. It seemed reasonable enough to assume that there was a full-out offensive planned there. As for the Celestial Cicada Court, Jiang Chen had sent Emperor Wellspring, the Skysword Sect’s Han Qianzhan, and company there to defend it.

Aside from that, he had left half of his troops as well as the Vermilion Bird back at Veluriyam Capital. Four of the eight stone golem brothers were stationed there as well to assist the bird in defense.

Jiang Chen himself led the alliance’s forces upon the path to the Ninesuns Sky Sect. He was ready for a decisive battle in their territory.


As part of the vanguard, Devourcloud was a bit anxious. “What is the supreme lord waiting for? If we’re going...

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