Chapter 148: Undercurrents Billow and Surge

Chapter 148: Undercurrents Billow and Surge

A tall and enormous figure strode in from outside the door as soon as this voice had resounded. Judging from his uniform, he was placed at a noticeably higher rank than those present. His eyebrows were as thick as silkworms, and he exuded a feeling of justice despite not having expressed anything.

“Commander Tian?”

When the Dragonteeth Guards saw this person, their faces all changed slightly as they instantly cleaned up their previously scoundrellousy act, and stood in a line with their gazes lowered, saluting the person who’d arrived.

“Tsk tsk. You guys are becoming too big for your britches eh? Blackmail and extortion. You’re my troops alright. Definitely showing off the pride of the lofty Dragonteeth Guard.”

“Commander, we…” Beads of sweat had gathered on the captain’s forehead as he was frightened to the point of almost peeing himself.

“What? Still want to argue? Do you think I’m deaf and haven’t heard anything?” Commander Tian’s gaze turned cold.

“No no, Commander Tian, we were wrong. We deserve to die.” The captain’s legs bowed as he abruptly kneeled down.

“Commander Tian, we were wrong. Please forgive us this once on the basis that we have followed...

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