Chapter 1479: Protector King Scourcloud’s Identity

Scourcloud was uninterested in Devourcloud’s attempts to coax information out of him. This depressed the latter a little.

In fact, the entire Order was sensitive about the protector king’s former identity. There were some internal rumors about it, but nobody could say anything for sure. The only prevailing sentiment was that this protector king was very mysterious indeed.

Devourcloud was mildly upset. His colleague wasn’t giving him a lot of respect. They were both protector kings, weren’t they? They were equal in status and position. Scourcloud should have been much more polite rather than distant.

“Daoist Scourcloud, you have a lot on your mind. Where do you think the supreme lord is taking us?” Not entirely satisfied, Devourcloud tried once more.

“The supreme lord’s thoughts are beyond our knowledge. I’m not sure either. Listening to his orders is good enough.” Scourcloud finally replied with a longish sentence.

Devourcloud sighed softly. “The supreme lord is unreadable indeed. I’m curious… I wonder if the supreme lord...

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