Chapter 1478: A Tremendous Appetite

The Veluriyam Sect was also one of the ten great factions of the ancient times. It was on par with the Primosanct and even more. Their lingering heritages was indirect proof of that.

Supported by the Veluriyam Pagoda, Veluriyam Capital had persisted to the present day. Because it hadn’t inherited most of the other facets of the ancient Veluriyam Sect, Veluriyam Capital wasn’t a real successor. This was true in both public perception and fact.

Still, there was an undeniable connection between the two. The Pagoda was on Capital land after all. The city retained ownership rights to the complex as additional evidence.

“Attack Veluriyam Capital?” Elder Peng’s facial muscles tensed. “Seventh Master, are you planning to break with Jiang Chen completely?”

The two elders’ conservative natures didn't allow them to support that course of action. Unfortunately, they’d been brainwashed into following the seventh master’s word as law.

This was despite conventional wisdom informing them of the foolishness in entering...

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