Chapter 1477: Admiration, Envy, Hate

At their peaks, the celestial demon lord and the Vermilion Bird would’ve easily found the group from the Myriad Abyss Island. After all, the former had been at the top of the food chain during the ancient era.

The seventh master of House Xiahou and his two retainers were only the descendants of an ancient people. It was uncertain exactly how much of their ancestors’ abilities had been inherited after two hundred thousand years.

The seventh master’s silence made the two elders feel that they’d possibly spoken too harshly.

“Seventh Master,” Elder Peng advised, “there’s no conflict between our search for the heavenly secret orders and our fight against Jiang Chen. Plus, that kid looks like he really does enjoy great fortune. Maybe we’ll be able to use him to find the orders?”

“Him?” The supreme lord sneered with scorn. “A commoner kid will only have so much fortune to him. He’s only lucky because the human domain around him is so poor. In Myriad Abyss Island, there are countless geniuses like...

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