Chapter 1476: Sir Xiahou

The Order of Wind and Cloud’s erratic movements were a source of restlessness for Jiang Chen. Even if he wanted to settle the score immediately, it was doubtful the Order would comply with that intention.

They willing to resort to as much underhandedness as possible, and to do some truly disgusting things. An opponent like this was much harder to handle than an exasperated Pillfire City had been.


The supreme lord’s residence within the Order’s headquarters was a mysterious and shrouded place. Even the eight protector kings weren’t permitted to approach without a summons.

Within the residence, two figures flanked the supreme lord like twin shadows. Their posture signified utmost respect to their dear leader.

“Elder Peng, Elder Mo, you two have been with me for a long time. There’s no need for such formalities.” The supreme lord waved a hand dismissively.

These two old men were the experts most intimate to the lord. Barely anyone else even knew they existed at all. In fact, Peng and Mo were the most capable...

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