Chapter 1475: Doubts And Suspicions Swirl

Everviolet would have lost his temper at Scourcloud’s attitude and exploded in a pitched battle if they weren’t currently within the headquarters.

But sadly, they were, so he reined in his anger and didn’t blow his top. In any case, he might have once again come out the worse for wear in a battle. Not because of the fighting, but because he had no justification for taking action.

The Order forbade internal fighting and he was in Scourcloud’s residence. Trespassing on someone else’s house? The fault would be entirely his if a dispute were to erupt.

Everviolet kept a tight hold on his anger and stomped away in a huff.

Scourcloud watched the departing figure, as cool as ever to Everviolet’s moods. Everviolet was a leader of the wandering cultivators, yet he’s so unwavering in his submission to the supreme lord. Has humanity’s fortunes truly fallen so l...

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