Chapter 1474: The Mysterious Protector King Scourcloud

An awe-inspiring aura exuded from the mysterious supreme lord’s every word, giving one the feeling of looking up to a towering mountain. Even great figures like Everviolet couldn’t fathom his meaning.

Instead of explaining himself, the supreme lord ordered, “Attend to me, Ardentwind, Gentlewind.”

“At your order!”

“Take four Celestial Stars, eight Earth Fiends, and a group of skilled disciples to the Celestial Cicada Court. Pretend you’re doing so covertly, but make sure you’re discovered. Make them think you’re going to attack.” 

“But should we really attack or not?” Ardentwind needed exact clarification.

“Don’t. Simply surround them and create some panic.”

“Shockcloud, Howlcloud, attend,” the supreme lord commanded once more. “Take eight Celestial Stars, sixteen Earthly Fiends, and twice as many disciples. Your destination is the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Likewise encircle them but don’t attac...

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