Chapter 1473: What Is Empty Will Be Replenished, What Is Substantial Shall Be Lacking

The Skysword Sect’s proclamation was very convincing.

Su Huanzhen agreed in earnest. “Though the Celestial Cicada Court has many women, there is no reason we should do any worse than our fellow male members of the alliance. We know as well as anyone that when a land suffers, so too does all its people. It’s all our duty to defend humanity!”

Her words moved all the other sects. When a land suffers, so does its people!

These words hit everyone head on. If the land suffered, how could any singular resident truly remain separate?

It was a simple principle in hindsight.

The Order of Wind and Cloud clearly wanted to subjugate all of the human domain. Every sect and faction either existed under its banner, or not at all. Furthermore, its ambitions weren’t limited to the human domain. Its hand in the destruction of the Boundary Steles were a blatant sign of its true intentions.

This was where the suspicion about the supreme lord’s race had come from. It was common opinion that something...

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