Chapter 1472: Alliance Head Chen

Some that knew of the Embittered Savage Tribe colored when they heard those words. The Boundary Stele of the northwestern wastes was on the verge of being destroyed! The barbarians were at the gates!

The news was positively astounding.

If those savages were allowed to invade human lands, the disaster that ensued would be nothing short of genocide. This was no exaggeration: the Embittered Savage Tribe was a ferocious race, destroying wherever they went like a plague of locusts. Typically, nothing was left alive after their devastation, flora and fauna alike.

There was also some unrest amongst the current company. Some cultivators who hadn’t heard of the race before asked their fellows in hushed undertones. The others that did explained with somber expressions.

Jiang Chen allowed the whispering to go on for a while until conversations were largely finished. When everyone knew what the Embittered Savage Tribe meant, he carried on. “The sudden breaking of Agarwood Valley’s Boundary Stele and the endangerment of the one in the northwestern...

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