Chapter 1471: Recruiting Jiang Chen

Emperor Everviolet had once seen Jiang Chen face to face when at Pillzenith’s side. Both of them vividly remembered that meeting. But rather than sharing in Pillzenith’s fate after Pillfire’s destruction, he’d opted to defect to the Order of Wind and Cloud.

Jiang Chen glanced at him. The fellow also cultivated arts of the eye. The young man didn’t mind having an eye technique showdown. 

But now clearly wasn’t the right time.

The young lord chuckled, his stare impassive. “It seems that the heavens created man, but has nurtured many kinds. Sir, should I call you Emperor Everviolet, or a protector king of the Wind and Cloud?”

A cold glint shone in Everviolet’s eyes. Jiang Chen’s derision had struck where it hurt most. The contempt, in particular, was difficult to endure. He sneered, declaiming in a mystical tone, “One of the Eight Protector Kings of the Wind and Cloud stands before you. I am crowned Holy King...

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