Chapter 1470: The Grand Assembly

More and more factions arrived in Veluriyam, filling its streets with unusual bustle. And yet, the noise didn’t obscure the unusual atmosphere.

Everyone had originally come with full confidence in Veluriyam to participate in the assembly. But since then, the Order of Wind and Cloud had made quite an impression, seizing the initiative at Veluriyam’s expense.

Some of the surviving members from the destroyed sects secretly blamed Veluriyam for their sects’ ruin. Those who’d scrambled fearfully back into their strongholds also whined that Veluriyam hadn’t ensured their safety, making them vulnerable to the Order.

“Bastards, they’re shifting all the blame to us! Damn them!” Coiling Dragon swore roundly at the recent developments.

Veluriyam had called for an alliance for the greater good, to alleviate mankind’s situation and stop the Order of Wind and Cloud before it was too late....

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