Chapter 147: The Matter Grew Big

Chapter 147: The Matter Grew Big

“Senior brother Liu, we’re here this time to support the first prince. If we handle this matter through the first prince and the Dragonteeth Guard exerts some pressure, we can absolutely swallow that kid. When that happens, his goods…” The triangular eyed youth volunteered this plot to Liu Can.

When they, practitioners of the half step spirit realm, fought ceaselessly over splitting up the spoils of battle, it had instead given Jiang Chen the opportunity to slip through the cracks and get away.

Now that Liu Can had risen to the first level of the spirit realm and that his training had greatly increased, he had overwhelming power and thus the others had naturally made him their head. They no longer dared to talk about equal division.

Liu Can nodded his head viciously, “The first prince has far reaching ambitions and is not terribly interested in money. However, there’s two beauties among that kid’s followers, and their looks are indeed not bad. They’ve got quite an exotic air about them. The first prince likes this sort of thing. If we can offer those two to the first prince, this would be quite a favor.”

“Alright, it’s settled then. The beauties will be given to the first prince, and we’ll still split up the kid’s items according to our agreement last time. How about that?” Yi Qiansui slapped the table and called out.

Everyone’s gazes looked towards Liu Can in unison. All was empty talk if senior brother Liu didn’t nod his head.

Liu Can had also considered the needs of the people, and that he must give them some reward if he wanted them to do everything in their power. He immediately nodded, “Alright, we’ll proceed according to last time’s agreement. All of you will receive two spirit beasts, and everyone can make a copy of any martial methods or secret arts.”

There was a fundamental difference between a half step spirit realm and first level spirit realm after all. Everyone was overjoyed to hear that Liu Can had agreed.

“Senior brother Liu, this matter should not be delayed. Let’s go visit the first prince right now!”

Two hours later, at the manor of the first prince of the Skylaurel Kingdom.

“Liu Can, this person you speak of, do you know his background?” First prince Ye Dai smiled faintly.

“Background?” Liu Can started. “We rushed to the capital after receiving the first prince’s summons and truly haven’t had the opportunity to inquire this matter. Can it be that this kid has a mighty background?”

First prince Ye Dai was the prince with the greatest repute amongst all the princes in the Skylaurel Kingdom, the favors of tens of thousands focused on him alone. He was one of the hottest contenders to be the next king.

His complexion was as clear as jade, his gaze as clear as the stars. His every movement and gesture appeared graceful and dapper.

“He doesn’t have much of a background, but is indeed a bit interesting. It’s a pity that he’s meant to be an enemy and not a friend.”

“Your Highness, why do you say so?” Liu Can was vaguely startled.

“This person comes from the Eastern Kingdom, and is a legendary figure within the Eastern Kingdom a while ago. His name is Jiang Chen, and he once suppressed the attempted uprising of the Long family within the Eastern Kingdom.”

“Eastern Kingdom?” Liu Can had been worried that he’d antagonized someone he couldn’t afford to. His heart lightened when he heard the Eastern Kingdom. “That tiny ass kingdom? As legendary as he could’ve been in a small kingdom, that should be his limits.”

The first prince Ye Dai smiled, “Intelligence indicates that the first one that this person visited in the capital was number four from our family.”

“The fourth prince, His Highness Ye Rong?”

“Indeed, our number four usually reveals nothing of himself and seems exceedingly low key. But you’d be gravely wrong if you think he’s someone who’s accepted his lot in life. Why did this Jiang Chen come to the Skylaurel Kingdom? Number four must be up to something in the background.”

Liu Can was deep in thought, “Your Highness, do you mean? We should…”

Liu Can paused and raised his right hand, making a downward chopping motion.

“Jiang Chen killed a disciple of your Azure Northern Heaven Palace, the law of the land will not condone his actions. Your Northern Palace won’t just roll over and play dead, will it?

Liu Can beamed happily. Although the first prince didn’t say it literally, but this was already a very clear indication. This was hinting for them to make an issue out of this and assign Jiang Chen to death.

“Please be at ease, Your Highness. Where would my Northern Palace put our face if we let some outsider brat strut around within the Skylaurel Kingdom? We’ll lodge a serious complaint with the Dragonteeth Guard and ask them to arbitrate with justice, blood for blood!” A sinister smile was displayed on Liu Can’s face.

“There are many of our own on the Dragonteeth Guard’s side. I will instruct the others to pay attention to this matter. The four great sites are strongholds that the Precious Tree Sect has set up within the Skylaurel Kingdom. Beating one of the disciples of the four great sites to death is a slap in the face to the Skylaurel Kingdom, and even more so, a slap to the face of the Precious Tree Sect!” Ye Dai’s tone was grave.

Liu Can rejoiced privately. He was greatly reassured with the first prince’s guarantee.

“Heh heh, Jiang Chen is it? The legendary character of the Eastern Kingdom is it? Now that you’ve come to my Skylaurel Kingdom, you have to sit even if you’re a dragon, and lie down even if you’re a tiger. This time I’m going to humiliate you slowly, torture you, and then kill you. I’ll take your women and steal your fortune!”

Jiang Chen sat on a chair with his eyes closed. It’d been about two hours since he’d been brought here.

This room had bright windows and a neat chair, the chair was even made of high quality golden rosewood.

No one had come to question him or talk to him since he’d been brought here.

Jiang Chen knew that this was the silent treatment.

Before the Dragonteeth Guard had sussed out his background, they could only use this kind of method that neither offended nor kissed up to him.

He also knew that after these two hours had passed, everyone on all sides would start making their moves. What needed to be investigated would also pretty much be investigated.

What happened next would absolutely not be as peaceful as things had been.

Flinging all those random thoughts to the back of his mind, Jiang Chen calmed his mind according to the art of Boulder’s Heart and organized the happenings of the past couple of days in his mind.

The door was pushed open with a creak.

A group of Dragonteeth Guard rushed in. The person at the head had a particular pattern embroidered on the chest of his pale yellow Dragonteeth Guard robes. His looks were a bit sinister and his mouth drooped down slightly. His eyes in particular had a gloomy look that made one shiver all over, but not from cold. He gave others the terrifying feeling of one’s hair standing on end, as if one was facing a viper.

All the other Dragonteeth Guards automatically stood to the side or behind this person.

“General Lu, this is the one.” One of the captains spoke fawningly in front of this person like he was currying favor.

“You’re called Jiang Chen? You’re from the Eastern Kingdom?” General Lu, who possessed a sinister expression, asked in a gloomy tone.


“You beat a disciple of the Northern Palace to death, did this occur?”

“I beat to death a criminal who was committing a robbery in the street.” A trace of wariness rose in Jiang Chen’s heart when he heard the other’s tone.

“Bullshit! The identity of a Northern Palace disciple is noble and lofty, why would he possibly commit robbery in broad daylight?”

“A noble identity means one won’t commit robbery in broad daylight?” Jiang Chen flicked a light glance at the other person. “Please forgive me for not fully comprehending your logic.”

“Kid, this is our General Lu, you better behave yourself! What are you being cocky for?” A Dragonteeth Guard behind General Lu shouted out.

“Being cocky? Dealing with the matter as it stands is called cocky?”


General Lu slammed his fist onto the table. “Jiang Chen, I don’t like to waste time in empty blather. You beat a disciple of the Northern Palace to death and now they are asking me for the killer. You better admit to your guilt and submit to whatever judgement there will be so that we can handle this matter fairly and impartially. If you continue to put up a stiff resistance…”

“General Lu, is it?” Jiang Chen spread out his hands, cutting the other off. “Don’t you give me this spiel either. It was proper self-defense for me to beat a criminal to death. I acknowledge no guilt. In addition, your words have already shown your bias, what further talks will there possibly be of handling this matter impartially? Aren’t you embarrassed from saying such things?”

“This means that you intend to stubbornly resist to the end?” General Lu laughed coldly in succession.

“Jiang Chen, we can give you one last chance. You killed someone in broad daylight, do you admit to that or not?”

Jiang Chen shook his head lightly. “I have nothing to admit to.”

“Very good! It looks like you won’t give up your false hopes until all is over, and have hardened your heart to fight against the Dragonteeth Guard. Take him away and place him into the Black Dungeons!”

The Black Dungeons were where the Dragonteeth Guard kept the repeated offenders of severe crimes.

Once someone was sent to the Black Dungeons, they almost never made it back out alive again.

There was basically only one possibility of being able to walk out of the Black Dungeons, and that was being dragged out to be executed.

The other possibility was that one went in on their two feet and laid down to become a corpse on their way out.

Several of the Dragonteeth Guard held Jiang Chen under guard and arrived at the Black Dungeons’ area.

“Damn it, this place always feels sinister whenever we walk close to it. The back of my neck and head are tingling with cold.” One of the Dragonteeth Guard complained.

“Sigh, stop complaining. Hurry up and throw this kid in there so we can report back to General Lu.”

“I say kid, is there anything valuable on you? Hurry up and hand it over. Perhaps if we’re in a good mood, we’ll carry a few messages for you with your last words.”

“Indeed, indeed. When you’re in the Black Dungeons, not even your bones will be left to you, much less your valuables. You’d be bringing a gift in for those scum if you brought in anything good.”

Their words were already treating Jiang Chen as a dead man.

Jiang Chen kept as cool as a cucumber as he smiled faintly. The Dragonteeth Guard in charge of escorting him were all obviously small characters. There was no point in verbally sparring with them.

“Yo, kid! You have some courage huh? Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Even if you were born and raised in the Skylaurel Kingdom, the only path for you would be death once you’ve offended the Northern Palace, moreover you’re actually a foreigner. Unless you’re one of the disciples of the three great sites and had a great patron backing you up, you’re dead.”

“Number seven, stop talking nonsense with him! Would he be sent to the Black Dungeons if he had a great patron? General Lu himself is personally presiding over this case, doesn’t that make this case quite apparent? Them on top want him dead, there’s no way he would be allowed to continue living.”

“Heh heh, this kid is quite tough when it comes to it. He’s not begging for mercy even now.”

“Alright, we have arrived at the Black Dungeons area. Let’s stop for a moment.” The captain waved his hands and looked at Jiang Chen, sizing him up. “Kid, let’s speak frankly. There’s no way you can leave after having arrived here. You have two options. One, quietly hand over anything valuable on you and save us the effort of searching you. The second choice will be a bit offensive. If you don’t quietly hand things over, then we’ll have to do it ourselves. I’ll warn you beforehand, things won’t be that civilized if we have to take things into our own hands.”

“Are you sure that you’re the Dragonteeth Guard and not disciples of the Northern Palace?” Jiang Chen asked faintly.

“What do you mean?” The captain asked blankly.

“The disciples of the Northern Palace are skilled in committing robbery. Does what you’re doing count as blackmail and extortion? Or is it just blatant robbery?” Jiang Chen asked leisurely.

“Kid, looks like you’ve thoroughly hardened your heart!” The captain flourished his sleeves, “Then don’t blame us for being unkind. Number six and seven, strip him!”

“Halt!” A stately voice sounded at this time.

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