Chapter 147: The Matter Grew Big

Chapter 147: The Matter Grew Big

“Senior brother Liu, we’re here this time to support the first prince. If we handle this matter through the first prince and the Dragonteeth Guard exerts some pressure, we can absolutely swallow that kid. When that happens, his goods…” The triangular eyed youth volunteered this plot to Liu Can.

When they, practitioners of the half step spirit realm, fought ceaselessly over splitting up the spoils of battle, it had instead given Jiang Chen the opportunity to slip through the cracks and get away.

Now that Liu Can had risen to the first level of the spirit realm and that his training had greatly increased, he had overwhelming power and thus the others had naturally made him their head. They no longer dared to talk about equal division.

Liu Can nodded his head viciously, “The first prince has far reaching ambitions and is not terribly interested in money. However, there’s two beauties among that kid’s followers, and their looks are indeed not bad. They’ve got quite an exotic air about them. The first prince likes this sort of thing. If we can offer those two to the first prince, this would be quite a favor.”

“Alright, it’s settled then. The beauties will be given to the first prince, and we’ll still split up the kid’s items...

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