Chapter 1469: Swollen With Arrogance

The sectmaster’s presence somewhat eased the crowd’s anxiety. To fight or to capitulate, everything was now in his hands.

Long Zhe heaved a soft sigh. “Everyone, we’ve all witnessed their strength. We are no cowards, but the situation is simply too dire to overcome.”

His words filled the crowd with sorrow. Had the sectmaster decided to surrender? 

It might be their only chance to survive, but the prospect filled them with rage and disgust nevertheless.

The Heavenly Dragon Sect surrenders! 

Like the plague, the news instantly spread throughout the entire human domain. The overweeningly arrogant and despotic Heavenly Dragon Sect had been beaten into submission!

Jiang Chen also stayed silent for a long while when he received the news.

Seeing his dark expression, Coiling Dragon urged, “Young lord, don’t be upset. We didn’t expect much from...

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