Chapter 1468: The Heavenly Dragon Sect Teetering on the Edge of Disaster

The supreme lord’s revelation had indeed upended the crowd’s beliefs.

They’d once thought great emperors like Pillzenith or Peafowl to be mankind’s apex. They’d never heard of anything stronger. Only after the emergence of the supreme lord and Jiang Chen’s golems did mankind slowly become acclimated to the notion of empyrean masters.

But at best, the golems ranked somewhere between half-step empyrean and minor empyrean realm. Compared to the primordial age, they’d regained less than one fifth of the strength.

Total recovery seemed impossible given the human domain’s current resources. The consumption that would require far exceeded what was available.

The supreme lord smiled calmly. “I guarantee empyrean masters exist. The ancient wars have brought so much destruction that mankind’s...

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