Chapter 1466: The True Strength Of The Order Of Wind And Cloud

Including Emperors Void and Coiling Dragon, Veluriyam’s great emperors all favored settling the most pressing issue first. 

The Order of Wind and Cloud was the greatest threat. 

They needed to excise this tumor and get their own affairs in Order before eventually tackling the Embittered Savages.

Though Xu Qingxuan desperately wished for her brother to head northwest, she was mature enough to know she couldn’t pester him, lest others mocked the siblings.

She waited for all the great emperors to disperse before pouting. “Smelly brother, you’re the only one who can repair Boundary Steles. If you don’t go, it’ll definitely break! Pillfire or whatever Order, those are internal issues. How can they compare to the Embittered Savages?”

Jiang Chen nodded. “You’re right, it would be a disaster to allow the Embittered Savages into our territory....

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