Chapter 1465: A Dilemma

The unexpected news instantly soured the atmosphere. In particular, Emperor Petalpluck’s easy poise turned into a gloomy frown.

Moments ago, he’d argued that the Agarwood Boundary Stele’s woes had been mere coincidence. But now, a crack had also appeared on the Northwestern Stele. When it rains it truly pours.

The Southern Celestial Tribe lay in wait beyond Agarwood’s Boundary Stele, a tribe weaker than mankind during antiquity. And they’d sent three empyrean experts? Petapluck found that hard to believe.

However, the Northwestern Stele was a bona fide defensive wall. Its fall would trigger certain invasion from the Embittered Savage Tribe. All that accumulated resentment and frustration waiting to be unleashed upon mankind... The prospect was too dire to imagine.

Trivial issues would never bother a bright and optimistic girl like Xu Qingxuan, but the...

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