Chapter 1464: More Bad News

The human domain whirred into action at Jiang Chen’s command. Even though the Order of Wind and Cloud had stifled the atmosphere throughout the land, this newest development filled it with new life.

Veluriyam’s stance had finally been made clear. The young lord’s statement carried with it tremendous consequences. No one in the world doubted that Jiang Chen had the right to call a general meeting of every faction beneath the heavens. In fact, he was the only one with that right.

The news excited every third rank sect and above. They all highly anticipated the event. Some of the ones in more of a hurry immediately gathered a team together, heading for Veluriyam.

The Dragon and Tiger Meet prior had already proven a more than pleasant surprise for the world at large; this general meeting could only hold even greater things in store. Perhaps even more wondrous things awaited?

Even without that, this meeting was clearly targeted at the Order of Wind and Cloud. The entire human domain had lived beneath the Order’s...

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