Chapter 1463: The Ninesuns Sky Sect Requests Backup

Deep down, the palace head didn’t want something so miserable to happen to the Empyrean River Palace. They had followed Pillfire City out of necessity; because it was the city’s closest neighbor. Pillfire had plenty of ways to subjugate them unwillingly.

Even if that kind of effort wouldn’t have destroyed them completely, it would have weakened and sidelined them out of the ranks of the first rank sects. Without Pillfire, they would be intentionally degrading themselves if they voluntarily joined the Order of Wind and Cloud.

Jiang Chen hadn’t overrun them last time, but that didn’t mean he would hesitate to do so this time. After thinking about it for a long while, the palace head rubbed the letter between his fingers, reducing it to dust.

“Forget it all. The Empyrean River Palace has erred once, and we will not do that again. The Order’s rapid rise must have a hidden faction and agenda behind it. Perhaps tempests are looming on the horizon again. It may be wise for the Empyrean River Palace to take shelter...”

“Palace Head,...

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