Chapter 1462: The Order of Wind and Cloud?

Jiang Chen was a bit confused. If Ling Dan was the very same Saint Dan of the Primosanct Sect, how come the ‘dan’ characters were written differently?

Both were pronounced the same as the character for ‘pill’. Did he have something to do with pills, then?

Perhaps the primordial era was too far in the distant past. A founder’s name could easily get muddied by the swirls of time. Was it possible that this had been an honest mistake?

Jiang Chen laughed despite himself. “There’s not much point in being too serious about this. Whether or not Ling Dan is Saint Dan, this legendary ancient bow is definitely a treasure of the Primosanct Sect. So its true name is the Holy Dragon Bow, huh? A weapon forged from the forgotten corpse of a divine dragon of the northern sea, a relic of the primordial era. No wonder this bow is so naturally and effortlessly regal.

“Even in the heavenly planes, this bow would be quite a respectable weapon. It must have accompanied Ling Dan in countless battles and slain that many foes.” Jiang Chen could tangibly feel the bow’s killing aura....

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