Chapter 1461: Three Years Seclusion

Jiang Chen had already obtained three of the four legendary beasts. Even though the True Dragon and Astral White Tiger were still younglings, he was more than aware of their potential. The speed of their growth was no less than amazing.

Unfortunately, the environment of the human domain was a far cry from that of the ancient times. Many spirit veins had been destroyed in the ancient demonic war, causing energy levels in the environment to dwindle.

It was the main reason why various factions in the human domain could no longer produce worthy successors. The land was no longer fertile enough to develop such talents.

To put it into simpler terms, the human domain was living through an era of great decline. The amount of available qi had dwindled greatly, while various resources were running out. The human race was at its lowest of lows.

This was an unavoidable issue faced by every living being on the land. Thus, Jiang Chen desperately wanted...

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