Chapter 1460: Vermilion Bird Essence

This time, Jiang Chen was determined to stay in seclusion until he attained sixth level emperor realm. He was at already peak fourth level, so he needed two successive breakthroughs. 

Anyone else might have found it a great challenge, but for him, ascension within emperor realm posed little difficulty. He’d gained many things in Agarwood Valley, including a deeper understanding of martial dao that would help him reach his objective.

He might even be able to rush all the way to seventh level in one session. In actuality, reaching seventh level within five years was the goal he’d set for himself.

According to Venerated Skysoarer, Jiang Chen needed to be at advanced emperor realm for the highest chance of success in the third of the Six Palaces of Heritage. The lowest threshold for that was seventh level emperor realm. And given their close relationship, Venerated...

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