Chapter 1458: The Curtains Fall

The battle on the borders of Bluesky Nation was destined to go down as a pivotal event in human history.

When Emperor Pillzenith had formed his northern coalition, almost every cultivator in the human domain was pessimistic about Veluriyam’s prospects. The faction seemed certain to be crushed under the barrage from their neighbors in the north.

However, both process and conclusion were nothing short of astonishing.

Pillzenith had been crippled like a dead dog, then eaten to the bone by countless Goldbiter Rats. Though his veins and meridians had been destroyed, his life essence hadn’t dissipated. Therefore, he was superb nutrition for the rats.

The rapid skeletonization of the once-proud great emperor inspired shocked awe in his former followers. Pillzenith’s fall was like a monument in their hearts being demolished. They hadn’t at all expected the near-invincible great emperor to be so easily crushed by Veluriyam’s young lord. This was a real, measurable gap!

Pillzenith had conspired time and time again to topple Jiang Chen. This time...

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