Chapter 1457: Struggles of a Cornered Beast, Crippling With One Palm Strike

“It’s your time to shine, Big Stone!” Jiang Chen was alert in his own right after receiving the warning from the Vermilion Bird. The ancient talisman Pillzenith was quickly activating likely held untold power. Perhaps it was a treasure with a remarkable heritage.

The violet light flared into the firmament, carrying with it a crowd of Pillfire cultivators on an escape through the horizon. It left behind it a lavender streak of an afterimage. 

“Well met!” The eight stone golem brothers had waited in the clouds for a long time.

When the violet light hurtled into the sky, it was met by Big Stone’s giant hand. A giant palm was formed with incredible energy, slamming ferociously down on the fleeing cultivators.


The light scattered instantly, and many cultivators that it had carried were flattened into pancakes. A few of the stronger great emperors spread out in time with terrified screams.

But there was no way Jiang Chen was letting them escape.

“Don’t miss a single one, Big Stone!” He gave...

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