Chapter 1455: Let Fists Talk First

“Pillzenith, what was it you said before? One should take responsibility for his actions?” Jiang Chen’s indifferent voice echoed from thin air, shaking the crowd’s souls.

He whistled softly. As if under a sudden petrification spell, the Goldbiter Rats ceased all movement and stayed obediently in place.

The young lord looked at Pillzenith with a faint smile. “I can’t be bothered wasting time with you either. I’ll give you a choice. Surrender here and now, or else everyone here will be buried to pay for your ambitions.”

He’d almost mirrored Pillzenith’s previous words.

The latter’s face shifted between green and purple.As he looked at the young man smiling cheerfully not far away, an intense desire to kill flashed in his eyes, as well as anger, dismay, dejection, a hint of helplessness, frustration, and irrepressible envy.

How could he accept...

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