Chapter 1453: Despair Permeates

Han Qianzhan of the Great Yu Skysword Sect and Su Huanzhen of the Celestial Cicada Court had witnessed Jiang Chen’s remarkable methods many times before. That still didn’t lessen their awe at the magnificence before them.

They were veterans of the world, and it was precisely their experience that made them aware of how remarkable this sight was. It was astounding that the endless tide of rats was being controlled by young lord Jiang Chen!

The human domain had experienced bestial tides since ancient times. Historically, they’d been long and bloody affairs.  However, such tides typically had their roots in the clashes between races – usually the breaking point of long built-up tensions. Other external factors could cause them from time to time as well.

Yet this tide of rats had clearly been started by Jiang Chen. This was the most surprising. Was the young lord truly capable of commanding so many beasts on his own?


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