Chapter 1452: Unbounded Tide of Rats

Denial, refutation, or outright attack were within Pillzenith’s expectations. But Jiang Chen being so casual about everything took the great emperor wholly off guard.

“It seems that you won’t give up until you’re at the end of your rope, Jiang Chen. I don’t see the need to waste words given your admission. You have two choices today.”

Jiang Chen maintained his half-smile. Pillzenith belaboring his performance was infinitely amusing to the young lord.

“One, your immediate surrender on the spot. I guarantee the innocents will be spared if you do so. And the alternative!” Cackling, Pillzenith swept his gaze across Veluriyam’s other emperors. “The alternative is that the entirety of Veluriyam is buried with you.”

“Take your pick.” The emperor proclaimed the two outcomes with the finality of a haughty judge. 

“Why waste time talking to him, Your Majesty Pillzenith? He’s the scum of humanity. He has no right to choose anything!”

“That’s right, we must crush him...

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