Chapter 1450: To Crush Utterly

Jiang Chen’s lips curved in appreciation. He couldn’t help but admire Emperor Wellspring’s keen insight and unique understanding of the situation. None of the great emperors from Veluriyam could compare, not even Peerless or the Jiao brothers.

With an encouraging look from the young lord, Wellspring continued, “The human domain stands at a crossroad. Either Veluriyam or Pillfire will become its leader. There can be only one.

“You might cower, or you might rejoice. War will come in any case. Pillfire’s viewed us as their greatest threat ever since Emperor Peafowl’s reign. However, perhaps you don’t know why the young lord’s avoided open hostilities until now?”

The great emperors looked at each other. Wasn’t it because Veluriyam was weaker and didn’t have as many allies? What other reasons could there be?

All eyes fell on Jiang Chen. The young lord’s smile...

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