Chapter 145: Hitting Someone in Addition to Slapping Face

Chapter 145: Hitting Someone in Addition to Slapping Face

“You’re making a fool of yourself!”

Just as everyone was thoroughly speechless at this Northern Palace disciple’s shameless tactics, a cold admonishment traveled in from afar.

A middle-aged man walked out with large strides, wearing an apricot colored robe shortly thereafter.

All of the representatives of various powers had gazes filled with hints of both respect and fear when they saw this person. Some even looked at that Northern Palace disciple with the air of delighting in his misfortunes.

They all knew that this fellow was about to be punished..

An apricot colored robe represented that one was an administrator of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace. There were also three short swords embroidered onto the chest of this administrator’s robes. It was obvious that he was one who was in charge of penalties and punishment, and was someone with great power and influence.

That disciple of the Northern Palace hastened to greet the administrator, saying in a fawning tone, “Sir Bei, you’ve arrived.”

Sir Bei was expressionless as he shot cold looks at the Northern Palace disciple, “I’ve always heard that the Northern Palace had an insufferable style in the western part of the kingdom, a style as if no one could beat them. It now looks like the rumors...

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