Chapter 145: Hitting Someone in Addition to Slapping Face

Chapter 145: Hitting Someone in Addition to Slapping Face

“You’re making a fool of yourself!”

Just as everyone was thoroughly speechless at this Northern Palace disciple’s shameless tactics, a cold admonishment traveled in from afar.

A middle-aged man walked out with large strides, wearing an apricot colored robe shortly thereafter.

All of the representatives of various powers had gazes filled with hints of both respect and fear when they saw this person. Some even looked at that Northern Palace disciple with the air of delighting in his misfortunes.

They all knew that this fellow was about to be punished..

An apricot colored robe represented that one was an administrator of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace. There were also three short swords embroidered onto the chest of this administrator’s robes. It was obvious that he was one who was in charge of penalties and punishment, and was someone with great power and influence.

That disciple of the Northern Palace hastened to greet the administrator, saying in a fawning tone, “Sir Bei, you’ve arrived.”

Sir Bei was expressionless as he shot cold looks at the Northern Palace disciple, “I’ve always heard that the Northern Palace had an insufferable style in the western part of the kingdom, a style as if no one could beat them. It now looks like the rumors are true. To think that you even dare to cause trouble at a grand exhibition that my Southern Palace is holding in the capital, beneath the feet of the royal liege. Your boldness knows no bounds!”

“I, I…” The Northern Palace disciple’s face turned ashen as his legs trembled from fright, and he almost cried out in his anxiousness.

“Come!” Sir Bei’s face was darkened.

Several disciples enforcing the law immediately surged out from the back like wolves and tigers.

“Take him away and cane him a hundred times. If he dies, feed him to the dogs. If not, tell him to get the hell out of the capital! Kill him and his friends on sight if they are seen again at one of my Southern Palace’s pill exhibitions!”

Sir Bei coldly gave the cruel order.

“Ah, Sir Bei, don’t beat me, don’t beat me!” The Northern Palace disciple started crying in his desperation. “I’m the nephew of Elder Huyan of the Northern Palace, don’t beat me…”

“Another hundred strokes!” Sir Bei’s expression was wooden.

“Sir Bei, you are… you are slapping Elder Huyan’s face!” The Northern Palace disciple screamed shrilly. Another hundred strokes made for two hundred in total. At best, he’d be crippled if not dead.

A trace of a cold smile appeared on Sir Bei’s frozen face as he waved his hand, “Haul him out and beat him until he’s dead!”

The disciple that had faced off with Jiang Chen along with a couple of his followers were hauled out like dead dogs amidst a din of dreadful howls.

Sir Bei’s gaze was severe as it swept the scene. “Remember this, whoever dares to cause trouble at a grand occasion held by the Southern Palace will pay the price.”

“No matter how great your status or your backer, I am the keeper of the law for the Southern Palace. Threatening me with your patrons? That’s meaningless to me.”

This Sir Bei’s thunderous methods displayed to everyone his coldhearted impartialness.

Some fellows who were not quite on the straight and narrow also proceeded forth cautiously.

Sir Bei’s gaze fell onto Jiang Chen’s body and he nodded slightly. “Young man, you’re not at fault for the matters of today. My surname is Bei, if you run into any more difficulties here, you can directly report it to me. I represent the Southern Palace and apologize to you for the matters of just now.”

This Sir Bei was incorruptible and unmoved by entreaty. Jiang Chen was slightly surprised to see Sir Bei apologize to him.

“Sir Bei speaks too gravely. The bad eggs of the community still number amongst the few. However, I rather admire Sir Bei’s just methods and impartialness.”

“Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. The reputation of my Azure Heaven Southern Palace is at stake. How would I let it be ruined by an evildoer?”

Jiang Chen nodded. One had to say, he had quite a bit of goodwill towards this Sir Bei. It had been particularly satisfying to see the Northern Palace fellows dragged out like dead dogs.

“No matter the case, I still thank Sir Bei for administering the law justly.” Jiang Chen cupped his hands.

Sir Bei waved his hands, “Buying and selling fairly is the most basic matter. Be at ease, no one will dare to be up to anymore shenanigans here. However, although they won’t look to me for an answer after killing a disciple of the Northern Palace today, it’s very likely that they’ll come looking for you. You must be prepared.”

Jiang Chen was rather touched that a senior executive of the Southern Palace, a keeper of the law, could speak so candidly without reservation.

“Sir Bei is right in your reminders. I will pay attention.”

The Northern Palace causing trouble for him? Flames of anger rose up from his heart whenever he thought of the four words, ‘Azure Heaven Northern Palace’ and of that group of disciples that had attempted highway robbery that day when they were heading for the capital.

Jiang Chen hadn’t forgotten this old grudge. He was only waiting until after he found his footing in the Skylaurel Kingdom. When he did so, he would surely make the Northern Palace pay ten times over.

One had to say, Sir Bei’s influence was quite frightening. After making an example of the Northern disciple, everyone was much more honest within the transaction area.

Although they all knew of the extreme temptation from Jiang Chen’s Vast Ocean Pill, no one dared threaten Jiang Chen at this time.

Jiang Chen finally decided to purchase the needed Blue Lily Grass and Wooden Pellets from the Myriad Treasures Palace disciple.

The disciple didn’t wish to take Jiang Chen’s money, but Jiang Chen insisted on paying.

Jiang Chen was a particular person. He didn’t wish to receive another’s largesse for no reason at all. Not to mention that this bit of money was as simple and easy as pulling off a hair off his thigh to him.

He had decided to transact with this disciple of the Myriad Treasures Palace because the disciple was a smart person, and Jiang Chen liked dealing with smart people.

After obtaining the items he needed, Jiang Chen wasn’t willing to waste anymore time in the transaction area. He walked out with Gouyu and the others, heading outside.

The Myriad Treasures Palace disciple also followed him outside, calling out to Jiang Chen, “Brother, please hold for a moment.”

Jiang Chen stopped. He knew that the Myriad Treasures Palace was one of the great powers within the capitals, and was one of the four great sites that the Precious Tree Sect had established within the Skylaurel Kingdom. It was also the only one out of the four great sites to be entrenched within the capital.

Since he wanted to operate within the capital, there would only be benefits from having a good relation with the Myriad Treasures Palace.

“Brother, I’m called Feng Yan, a disciple of the Myriad Treasures Palace. I’m truly sorry about what happened just now. Although the four great sites compete against one another, in the shadows, no one is willing to offend each other. So when the Northern Palace fellow wanted to buy the Bluelily Grass and Wooden Pellets, we…”

“It’s alright, it’s not your fault.” Jiang Chen also knew that this was part of the hidden rules of the transaction area.

“I feel even more ashamed now that you’ve spoken as such. Brother, you’re quite generous. I, Feng Yan, would love to have you as a friend. Why don’t we find a place and I’ll treat you to some good wine?”

“Let’s not for now, I’ll remember Brother Feng’s good intentions. I’m sure I’ll have more dealings with the Myriad Treasures Palace in the future, and will need Brother Feng to take care of me in the future.” Jiang Chen also said politely.

“Haha, if brother is willing to honor the Myriad Treasures Palace, the Palace would surely be graced by your presence. Oh right, we’ve chatted for so long, but I’ve yet to ask your name.”

“I’m called Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang Chen.” Feng Yan nodded slightly. “A good name.”

He then seemed to suddenly recall something as his expression changed slightly and he asked hoarsely, “Jiang Chen? Brother, are you from the Eastern Kingdom?”

Jiang Chen was privately startled. Had his reputation already traveled to the Skylaurel Kingdom? This Feng Yan was just a disciple of the Myriad Treasures Palace, how could he already know of him?

Jiang Chen wasn’t sure whether to be happy or depressed, but he still smiled. “To think that Brother Feng has heard of my name?”

Feng Yan was even more enthusiastic. “Brother Jiang, do you know how great your reputation is? The Skylaurel Kingdom is amongst the top in the alliance of the sixteen kingdoms and thus naturally knows everything that happens within the alliance. Due to its business needs, our Myriad Treasures Palace needs intelligence from all aspect, so brother Jiang’s name is like a thunderclap piercing our ears within the Myriad Treasures Palace.”

To say that his name was a thunderclap piercing their ears was obviously a nicety, but Feng Yan’s desire to become friends with Jiang Chen truly did become stronger when he heard Jiang Chen’s name.

In all honesty, all the intelligence reports from the Eastern Kingdom had molded Jiang Chen into a mythical figure. He had suppressed the Long family’s rebellion single-handedly, annihilated the Darkmoon Kingdom’s million strong army, and shot down the first general of the Darkmoon Kingdom…

All sorts of rumors made Feng Yan have no choice but to value Jiang Chen highly.

Feng Yan was a smart man. He didn’t think that he, a disciple of the Myriad Treasures Palace and a upper class level personage within the Skylaurel Kingdom, had any sort of right to look down on this genius who had come from the Eastern Kingdom.

Although the Skylaurel Kingdom was many times stronger than the Eastern Kingdom within the alliance of the sixteen kingdoms, even the weakest countries had geniuses.

Jiang Chen’s genius was obviously not something that he, Feng Yan, could dismiss. On the contrary, Feng Yan had put together the observations of just now and his combined intelligence to think carefully and felt even more so that he should strike up a friendship with Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang, I still repeat what I said earlier. If you consign the Vast Ocean Pill to our Palace and place it on auction, you will surely receive an excellent price for it and heighten your fame at the same time.”

Jiang Chen knew that Feng Yan was indeed sincere and nodded, “Brother Feng, I’ll be sure to come visit you at the Myriad Treasures Palace when I’m done with the things at hand.”

Feng Yan was even happier after receiving Jiang Chen’s assent.

The two were chatting when a shout sounded from the side. “Damned bitch, why don’t you say another word? Trying to bluff me with a broken piece of wood?”

“Stop immediately!”

Feng Yan and Jiang Chen couldn’t help but look over when they heard the yelling.

They saw a young man in a red colored robe that was embroidered with blue lines hectoring loudly. A fragile and delicate girl was kneeling down in front of him.

The young girl sobbed as she stubbornly hung onto the youth’s calf and refused to let go.

“Return my Black Spirit Wood to me.” The young girl’s voice was low and her voice shook, but her demeanor was abnormally stubborn, as if she would never let go before having taken her item back.

“Didn’t I already return that broken piece of wood to you? Do you not believe that I’ll beat you to death right now if you don’t let go?”

The young girl only shook her head, “You didn’t take this one away. Return the one you took.”

“Screw you, dumb bitch. I’m a vaunted disciple of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace, why would I want your broken piece of wood? Look at you dressed up in rags like a begging slut. Are you trying to blackmail me?”

“Him again!” Jiang Chen hadn’t even spoke before Gouyu, behind him, was already groping for the shortsword at her waist. That fellow who hailed from the Northern Palace was the senior brother Kuang who had wanted to rob them last time.

Jiang Chen also felt his killing intent increase greatly when he saw this person. When he looked again at the young girl, he discovered that the young girl was Tang Long’s fiancé.

Both sides were his acquaintances.

Senior brother Kuang’s eyes glared when he saw someone approach, but his expression changed greatly when he saw that it was Jiang Chen. He flung Tang Long’s fiance away with a slap.

“Get the hell out of my way. I don’t have the time to waste here with you.” He lifted his feet up and planned on running further in.

“Brother Feng, can the Northern Palace also rob others in broad daylight in the capital?” Jiang Chen asked faintly.

Feng Yan started and said, “Security within the capital is quite good. If the Dragonteeth Guard knew of such robbery, the culprit would either be thrown in jail or executed immediately.”

Jiang Chen nodded and lifted off his toes, swooping down like a falcon as he blocked senior brother Kuang’s way. “This world is such a small place, to think that we’d meet again.”

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