Chapter 1448: Open Hostility

Han Tianzhan looked at Jiang Chen worshipfully. “Young lord Jiang Chen,” he promised, “I’ve never been impressed much by anyone all my life, but you impress me a great deal! The stagnant waters of the Upper Eight Regions should be stirred up. They’ll going to turn putrid otherwise!”

Han Tianzhan was a leader with reasonable ambitions. The Great Yu Skysword Sect was one of the strongest first rank sects in the Upper Eight Regions. However, despite its strength, it couldn’t compare in strength or resources to the urban giants that were Veluriyam Capital and Pillfire City.

That, combined with Jiang Chen’s unique charisma and plethora of methods, made Han Tianzhan enamored with the young lord’s abilities. His heroism was completely ignited by what Jiang Chen had said.

As for Su Huanzhen, she had always been on good terms with Veluriyam Capital. To this day, she pined after Emperor Peafowl. Her care for Veluriyam Capital was second only to her care for the Celestial Cicada Court.

“Young lord Jiang Chen, the Celestial...

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