Chapter 1447: Coming To A Firm Decision

Their reactions came as no surprise to Jiang Chen.

Anyone would’ve reacted the same way after hearing such earth-shattering news. Jiang Chen had been equally shocked when he heard Cloudbillow’s name.

Resurrection wasn’t unheard of in the martial dao world, but it could only be done if the soul was still intact.

Jiang Chen had slain Cloudbillow, Sublime Chord Temple’s Venerated Weimo, and the Empyrean River Palace’s vice sect head with the divine bow. It hadn’t been a dream. Yet somehow, these men had mysteriously come to life and were sullying his reputation!

Han Qianzhan was wide-eyed with shock. “Young lord Jiang Chen, do you mean that you’ve slain the demon sympathizers?”

“I didn’t do it alone. I had help from a few companions, the Primosanct Sect’s terrain advantage, as well as the divine bow.” Jiang Chen was open and frank. This wasn’t the time to be sneaky and coy.

“The demon race…” Su Huanzhen...

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