Chapter 1446: Resurrection From the Dead

Coiling Dragon trailed off as he said this. Jiang Chen’s expression made him realize that something was very off. He closed his mouth, not wishing to disturb the young man’s thoughts.

“Keep talking.” Jiang Chen struggled to calm himself down. “Tell me everything in as much detail as possible. Especially about Cloudbillow and company.” He settled down his heart as much as possible.

However, Coiling Dragon didn’t know where to start.

The meeting was silent for a time. Everyone’s eyes became evasive. Clearly, these great emperors had all been scared off by the severity of Jiang Chen’s reaction.

Noticing the delicacy of the atmosphere, Jiang Chen sighed softly. “Friends, are you sure that Emperors Cloudbillow, Castveil, and Master Vimalakhirti all appeared in person?”

“Young lord, is there something wrong about that?” Emperor Void interjected.

Everyone else was rather curious as well. What had happened to warrant such a reaction from young lord Jiang Chen?

Jiang Chen gazed grimly...

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