Chapter 1445: Bizarre News

Even the Vermilion Bird could feel the strangeness in the atmosphere. It couldn’t say for sure what was off, but neither could Jiang Chen. As they approached Veluriyam Capital though, the bizarreness thinned out.

Maybe I’m being overly suspicious. Jiang Chen reassured himself. I’ve been in Agarwood too long and I’m used to being tense. Paranoia after that experience is natural.

The thought relaxed him a little.

The accustomed hustle and bustle of the Veluriyam cheered Jiang Chen up greatly. Things in the city hadn’t changed much since he had left. The familiarity of the scenery came rushing back to him.

Thank heavens that Veluriyam Capital is still largely stable! Jiang Chen was extremely anxious as he flew towards Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

The mountain was as fortified as a fortress. The young lord breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the Nine Sparks Petalstorm Formation operating as it should. As long as it was still in effect, Sacred Peafowl Mountain and the young lord residence were...

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