Chapter 1443: The Spirit Stone Mine

If Veluriyam had been at war with Pillfire, Jiang Chen would have thought nothing of slaughtering their men or their allies. However, these people were nothing but puppets manipulated by the demon. He almost pitied them.

The Vermilion Bird read his mood. “Jiang Chen, you shouldn’t grieve for them. I’ve seen far too many of these low lifes in your race since the ancient times. The ancient human elites showed no mercy at all to traitors. Since they’ve betrayed mankind, it doesn’t count as slaughtering your own kind when you kill them. Not to mention, they would’ve wreaked havoc upon your kin if they got out.”

Jiang Chen knew all this. But this wasn’t the cause of his sadness.

A single demon lord had already caused so much trouble. What if all ten demon tribes were...

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