Chapter 1441: Emergence of the Divine Bow

In his vantage point up high, the demon lord was able to catch all the details in his surroundings with the blink of an eye. The celestial demons’ majesty was exhibited in every tiny movement he made.

The three empyrean experts of the Southern Celestial Tribe exchanged complicated looks. They read panic in each other’s eyes. As uniformly empyrean cultivators, they could feel the immense aura radiating off the so-called demon before them. It was strong enough for even them to feel helpless.

Psychologically speaking, they were unafraid of any human cultivator. They would’ve even swarmed a human to fight it out first. Hearing that their enemy was a demon weakened their mental fortitude before the fight even began.

The ancient demon-sealing war had embroiled hundreds – nay, thousands of races all over Divine Abyss.

The Southern Celestial Tribe was no exception. It had had less territory and resources compared to mankind, and thus hadn’t been a focus of attack. Still, that didn’t lessen...

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