Chapter 1440: Southern Celestial Tribe, Release of the Celestial Demon

Jiang Chen’s expression was quite serious. He was very troubled by the three interlopers before him. The matter of the demon lord was already frustrating him quite a bit. The destruction of Agarwood’s Boundary Stele was a doubling of difficulty.

The future of the human domain was destined to be turbulent.

Originally, he and the divine bird had planned to go take a closer look when the shaking had begun. Given the present situation though, he lacked sufficient ability to defend against these three unwelcome guests. After all, the trio appeared somewhere in the vicinity of empyrean realm.

At its peak, The Vermilion Bird wouldn’t have feared them at all. Unfortunately, now was not a good time.

The bird didn’t feel too great about what was happening either. In the ancient era, it had promised to stay here and protect the seal after owing the Primosanct Sect a great favor. It had been loyal to that duty and promise, but it also desperately wanted to be free from the shackles that bound...

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