Chapter 144: A Crude and Simple Way of Face Slapping

Chapter 144: A Crude and Simple Way of Face Slapping

At the end of the day, Jiang Chen was someone who’d lived two lifetimes. Therefore, how could he possibly be provoked by such childish tactics, and from someone who was jumping around like a clown to boot?

Jiang Chen smirked disdainfully, “I’ll be unable to buy it? Is there anything that isn’t for sale beneath the heavens?”

The person in charge scoffed coldly, his eyes sweeping across all of the other merchants, obviously warning them to not sell to Jiang Chen at any cost. Otherwise, it’d be a denial of face for him and for the Northern Palace.

Except, Jiang Chen ignored his small moves, as a hint of a meaningful smile clung to the corner of his lips throughout all of this.

His leisurely gaze swept across all of the merchants. They either averted their gazes, didn’t even lift their heads, or smiled ruefully and shook their heads.

It was apparent that if they were to choose, they wouldn’t stand on the side of a foreigner.

Even if they weren’t necessarily on the best of terms with this person from the Northern Palace, and weren’t of the same mind as this person in charge.

However, the circumstances demanded thus. These were the hidden rules.

The Northern Palace representative was obviously well aware of this. His confidence was...

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