Chapter 1439: Three Empyrean Experts!

Jiang Chen wasn’t a native of Divine Abyss. He hadn’t experienced the chaotic fighting between the ancient races, nor did he know much about Boundary Steles and the other lands. However, he had heard others discuss them incessantly. Mo Wushuang for one, and the great emperors of Veluriyam Capital.

He knew that their purpose was to keep Divine Abyss Continent’s races apart. In ancient times, these steles were intended to prevent demons, ravaging the lands of another, from intruding into neighboring territory.

There was another factor though, or at least Jiang Chen was hazarding the guess. Even the strongest factions and top experts in the human domain obeyed an unspoken rule – they were never to touch the Boundary Steles.

Obviously, destruction of said steles was included in that rule.

There was a popular rumor in the human domain from the ancient times that the Boundary Steles were primarily to protect the safety of the world.

Anyone who destroyed them was likely to ruin the peace. In grander terms, doing so would...

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