Chapter 1438: Breaking of the Boundary Stele?

Emperor Newsun and the Purple Smoke forefather still departed in the end. However, Jiang Chen had warned them amply before they left; they were not to announce what they had seen here in order to avoid enormous internal strife.

Full-on civil war in the human domain was no less destructive than a demonic invasion.

This was Jiang Chen’s current greatest area of concern. Emperor Pillzenith’s ambition was a bone stuck in his throat.

He’d told the other two not to say anything partially to avoid exposing his own location. He didn’t want Pillzenith to know that he was in Agarwood instead of Veluriyam.

If Pillzenith knew he was here, he wouldn’t have just sent Cloudbillow. He would’ve come himself instead.

The Vermilion Bird sighed when it saw Emperor Newsun and the Purple Smoke forefather depart. “Aren’t you even weaker now that they’re gone?”

“There’s not much point to keeping them here,” Jiang...

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