Chapter 1437: Face-Off

The celestial demon lord was furious. The trap he had set had been virtually perfect. Thanks to this human youth however, at least half of it was foiled. The mass of demon slaves he had collected was dying in droves as well.

The Vermilion Bird had been the only obstacle in his plans. But because the bird was at the end of its lifespan, it was no match for the recovering demon lord. Though the seal was unlikely to be broken in a short amount of time, the demon lord would eventually reign supreme in the Primosanct Sect’s sacred place without the bird’s interference. He could then use his consciousness to attract more and more human cultivators.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the plan. Just that he hadn’t imagined said plan would be greatly disrupted by a human youth.

What depressed the demon lord the most was not the fracturing of the plan, but the youth’s refusal to depart. It was obvious that he was targeting the demon.

Given the age of the demon lord’s existence, he wouldn’t have cared a whit...

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