Chapter 1436: The Formation’s Inner Workings

The True Spirit Post?

These three words gave off an extraordinary sense of grandeur.

“Senior, what kind of treasure is it?” Despite his knowledge unrivaled in the heavenly planes, it was impossible for Jiang Chen to know every item in the myriad of worlds. Even so, his rough guess was that the brush must be used to etch formations or inscribe talismans.

But before the Vermilion Bird could reply, Big Stone shouted in surprise, “Eh!”

“Big Stone, what’s the matter?” Jiang Chen looked back in spite of himself.

“Savior, that really is called the True Spirit Post. It belonged to Saint Dan, we saw him use it before.” His bell-sized eyes stared at it, cheeks red with excitement.

“Savior, will you let me take a look?” He looked naively at Jiang Chen, little...

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