Chapter 1435: The Three Signature Treasures

Jiang Chen looked harshly at the palace.

After resurrecting the golems, his first thought had been to borrow their strength to kill the demon lord, lest it unleash devastation upon mankind. However, that was easier said than done. Even the Primosanct Sect’s head couldn’t kill the fearsome creature, a sign of just how terrifying it was. It’d grown to become one of the greatest threats facing Jiang Chen.

Resting beside the human youth, the Vermilion Bird glanced at him, stirring slightly in surprise. It might have underestimated the young man’s ambitions. Did he aspire to extinguish the demon?

Big Stone thumped his chest. “Don’t worry, young master Chen. Fighting’s the one thing we rough guys are good at. Just point us at whoever you want beaten up.”

Jiang Chen shook his...

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