Chapter 1434: The Golem Brothers Swear Allegiance

The proud Vermilion Bird fled Jiang Chen’s gaze. It didn’t want the young man to see its sorry state. The noble ancient beast rather looked like a hero in its final throes.

“Senior, don’t feel down. You’re at your weakest right now. You’ll reign supreme again once you rise from the ashes.” The words of comfort were rather weak, but they came from the heart.

“Alas! I’m thankful for meeting a kid of you near the end of my life. Someone will at least witness my death. You won’t let my body rot when I pass away, will you? You’ll give me a burial, won’t you?” The divine creature was filled with self-pity. The young human in front of him seemed the best and only friend it could vent its grief on.

But Jiang Chen shook his head. “Senior,...

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