Chapter 1432: The Stone Golems Unleash Their Might

In the hall of the Primosanct Sect, Cloudbillow’s figure floated out like a wraith. He pounced in Jiang Chen’s direction with lightning speed.

Seeing this, the Vermilion Bird unceremoniously swept both wings forward. Each wingbeat caused streaks of celestial fire to descend like a meteor, shooting furiously towards Cloudbillow.

Cloudbillow’s acceleration had suddenly increased a great deal. He was able to shake free of the dense firestorm and escape to its outer-left.

“Brat! You can keep turtling here. I’m going to kill Newsun and that piece of trash from the Purple Smoke Sect.” Cloudbillow seemed to have his target elsewhere. He hurtled towards the mountain range across from the palace.

This move angered Jiang Chen a great deal. “Senior Vermilion Bird,” he shouted, “that man is very rude! Please kill him in my stead.”

The bird shrugged its shoulders. “Are you sure?”

“Certainly,” Jiang Chen nodded resolutely.

Cloudbillow’s speed and aura had both grown exponentially, likely...

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