Chapter 1431: A New Mission

“Cloudbillow, do you know why I value you so?” The demon lord suddenly asked.

The emperor blinked. “I’m not wise enough to understand, sir. Please enlighten me.”

“After you learn my demonic arts, I want you to take all of these people back to the human domain.”

“Huh?” Cloudbillow gasped in shock. “My lord, we will be public enemies if we return now.”

“Don’t worry. Isn’t there a human saying that applies to this? When people repeat a lie often enough, it’s no different from the truth. Jiang Chen is only one mouth against many. Can he talk all of you down?”

Cloudbillow blinked. Initially, he thought the idea ridiculous, but what the demon lord was proposing was actually quite feasible. No matter how eloquent that Jiang Chen kid was, he was only one person, while they had numerous people here that spanned different multiple sects of the Upper Eight Regions.

How could they not overwhelm a single voice in the court of public opinion? However, Jiang Chen wasn’t...

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