Chapter 143: To Slap or To Be Slapped?

Chapter 143: To Slap or To Be Slapped?

As one of the four great locations of the Skylaurel Kingdom, the Azure Heaven Southern Palace had an enormous reputation. Its influence was almost unmatched within the southeastern region of the Skylaurel Kingdom.

In comparison to the tyrannical reputation of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace, the Southern Palace appeared much more practical and friendly.

Of course, this had something to do with its location as well.

The capital of the Skylaurel Kingdom was in the southeastern region of the kingdom. This region was where the core of the royal family’s power was located.

It was obviously impossible for the Southern Palace to be as domineering and bratty as the Northern Palace.

Within a kingdom, the power and influence of the royal family was still paramount. If the Southern Palace didn’t keep a low profile to the side of the royal family, how would the latter tolerate their existence?

How would an outsider be allowed to snore next to your bed?

Therefore, in stark contrast to the tyrannical domination of the Northern Palace, the Southern Palace had an exceptionally good reputation, and was the location out of the four that was most willing to enter society.

The Qingyang Valley kept as low a profile as they could. Their members almost never made an appearance in society, and very rarely formed relationships...

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