Chapter 1429: Revival of the Ancient Stone Golems!

Jiang Chen was tremendously excited. He hadn’t expected the eight statues that he’d taken from the Prince of Shangping to contain such a momentous secret.

“Is Saint Dan still alive?” The consciousness sounded vaguely sorrowful and forlorn.

“I don’t think he’s present in this world anymore,” replied Jiang Chen honestly. “Perhaps his good works has allowed him to ascend to the heavenly planes, or perhaps he’s passed away and reincarnated. It’s been hundreds of thousands of years since the primordial age, maybe even a million.”

Truthfully, Jiang Chen didn’t know exactly how long it had been since the primordial age, but the ancient times was a dozen or more hundred thousand years at minimum. In light of that, his estimate didn’t seem too over the top.

The primordial age was likely the origin of all civilization on Divine Abyss.

The consciousness found this a bit odd. “A million years? Has it been that long?”

“Yes, after the primordial age came the ancient age. In the ancient age, the demon race invaded and changed Divine Abyss’ history forever. The...

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