Chapter 1428: The Primosanct Sect’s Secret Art

“Young man, what are those statuettes?” The urgency in the Vermilion Bird’s voice betrayed its excitement.

After Jiang Chen relayed the entire story, it murmured, “This must be providence. There can’t be such a coincidence in the world. Young man, they must be the statues’ souls.”

Jiang Chen beamed. “Senior, even if they aren’t, we’ve got to give it a shot.”

“Right, we have to try!” The divine creature’s personal fate was at stake. If the statues could truly be revived, they could replace it as guardians of this land. It might not have to die here! It would be free to seek another cycle of rebirth.

“Let’s go, let’s go right now! I’ll stand guard while you try!” It was so eager that it let Jiang Chen ride on its back and hurtled...

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